The weather is varied: cold in the highland, tempered in the area of the valleys and warm in the area of the plains.

The winter begins in June until September. The rainy season take three months from December to March. The best time for ski is the rainy season. During the months of May to September are sunny days. The dry season is from April to October with spaced rains.

Although Bolivia is located in the Tropic of Capricom, has a variety of weather conditions. If in their topography plains mountains only existed, the weather would spread to be uniform, however, in Bolivia the ambient temperature is not only regulated by the altitude, also for the altitude on the level of the sea, its mean, "to more height, lower temperature and to smaller altitude, highest temperature". Starting from the level of the sea the temperature of the air is 0.55 C for each 100 meters more than altitude. So, in the region of the Real Range, the season is regulated by the height. For it's explained that summits exist with eternal snow and polar colds and over enough latitude, the plains extended with warm-tropical weather.




The city has varied climates: cold in the highland and "Puna", cold above the 5000 meters high with everlasting snow as the snowy of Chacaltaya: temperate from the 2000 to 3400 meters, warm of the 500 to 2000 meters high and tropical in the amazon plains to the north of the city.

The weather in the city and mountains from -5 to 18 C like average.

It's located to north-west of Bolivia, limited to the north with Pando, to the south with Oruro, to the east with Beni and Cochabamba, to the west with Peru and Chile.


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